Monday, May 23, 2011

First Blog - May 2011 Top 10 Chart

I, Thomas Trindade aka Deadly, a huge EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fanatic, have had the idea to blog my adventures through the catacombs, the present, and the future of EDM for a long time. I find that my music taste is eclectic, enjoying many different genres. You name a genre in EDM, I probably enjoy it, the obscure, the hipster choice of the moment, house, trance, electro, dubstep, anything EDM and I would like to share this love with the people willing to read.

I’m going to start with Top 10 lists of the month, not necessarily being released in the said month, but what I am in love with, and then I will continue on when I feel it is time (hopefully) to blog about events attended and artists you should check out.

So with no further a due, here is my Top 10 for May 2011.

10. Control Your Tuba – LA Riots
Fool’s Gold, as a whole, is impressive to say the least. With the likes of A Trak, Armand van Helden, LA Riots, Congorock and so many more signed to the label, expect more from them in future blog posts. This one, once again being a little older, has seen a resurrection in my music library, an interesting take on tech house.

9. Kontact Me – Boys Noize (Rynecologist Turbine Remix)
This one being one of the older tracks on this list is the reason why it is where it is. Boys Noize has been opening up with this track, remixed by BNR (Boys Noize Records) and Toronto’s own Rynecologist, for some time now, but still delivers that same punch I experienced the first time I heard it.

8. Tonight (Herve Voodoo Chilli Remix) – Moonbotica
Straight up house on this one, just listen to those lyrics and that infectious beat and try not to move.

7. Rollin' & Scratchin' (Chilly Gonzales Piano Rework) - Daft Punk
Over the past few months I’ve been delving deeper into this musical genious, and enjoying every minute of it. Chilly has such a storied career, producing for some of the biggest artists in the business, and his piano reworks are an absolute mind fuck of awesomeness. Inspirational to say the very least.

6. Sexx – Style of Eye
Admittedly, my progressive intake has been slow recently, but this track is something special. Maybe it's the faux-vocals, maybe it's the horns? I don't know, just listen and enjoy.

5. Solar – Felix Cartal & Keatch
This one’s got that summer vibe, and with that shitty weather outside this month, god do I ever need it. Progressive feel with Felix Cartal’s, a Canadian nonetheless, electro touch, absolute gold.

4. The End – Tommy Trash
One of those tracks where everything comes together so perfectly, you can’t ignore it.

3. Reptile’s Theme - Skrillex
Seems like my list just wouldn’t be right without this track. Mortal Kombat’s soundtrack, produced by JFK of MSTRKRFT, was filled with EDM goodness. Skrillex’s track easily being the best of the lot.

2. Listen to This – Harvard Bass & Bart B More
This track was released on BNR’s ‘Miami Noize’ and ever since it’s came out it’s been on constant rotation on my Itunes. Harvard Bass & Bart B More deliver the electronic goods on this one.

1. Kindercut – SebastiAn
What can I say about Ed Banger’s Records, nothing but incredible creativity in EDM. When SebastiAn’s first single, Embody, was released, I was incredibly excited, but after a lengthy listen, came to be disappointed. With the recent leak of his newest releases, the legend himself made up for, what I thought, a lackluster first single. This track has SebastiAn written all over it, and I’m loving every second.

And if you’ve made it this far, I shall now reward you with a small EDM gift.

Fabric Promo Mix - Djedjotronic

This mix, being created by one of my favourite artists presently Djedjotronic, is an adventure through some of the techno I enjoy so much. The link has a free download, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

More to come in the near future,