Monday, August 29, 2011

Taurus & Vaggeli - Lifted (Stand Tall Fists Up Remix)

Sorry it's a Youtube link, but you're going to have to deal on this one.

Ever just hear a track and melt a little inside? Maybe the vocals make you feel something, maybe the bass just wants to get your body moving, maybe it’s the synths taking you to a higher place. Whatever it is, this track is it for me. ‘Hotfingers’, the record label, has been brought to my attention through a friend of mine, with some interesting tech house tracks, but this remix is something special and completely unexpected. The mix of disco house’s groovy bass guitar and vocals, with the hard-hitting bass of electro house made me weak at the knees. This might even be a buy on Beatport, and for a starving student, that's saying something.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Congorock – Sirius

Sirius by Congorock

I missed you Congorock.

After last year’s Electric Zoo in New York, ‘Babylon’ has been forever etched into my brain as my song for 2010. His unique sound is something that has been lacking in my music library for far too long. ‘Sirius’ delivers the goods, with Congorock’s distinct bass line, and distortion, I almost wish I was attending this years Electric Zoo just to hear this track being dropped in an epic festival atmosphere.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvard Bass & Green Velvet - TECHYES

It seems Harvard Bass has taken down the track from Soundcloud, sorry about the Youtube link.

Yeah, you read the title right. The legendary Green Velvet teamed up with Harvard Bass for a release to be remembered. After Brodinski ranked this highly on his August chart, my heart skipped a beat. This 10 minute track brings me to places never thought achievable. The simple yet groovy intro, the overlying and subtle underlying tech sounds, with drops that can only be achieved by these two men. One of the best tracks of the summer right here, just why did it have to come so late?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Mike Mago – Plant Remixes

Mike Mago - Plant (TWR72 remix) by TWR72

Mike Mago - Plant (Keatch remix) by BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Rogerseventytwo is an artist I am starting to very closely watch, thanks to Fools Gold Records. Ever since I discovered that A-Trak opened all his sets with ‘You Take Me Higher’ I have been nothing but impressed. His work with a fellow Dutchman, The Walk, is what has recently really caught my eye, focusing heavily on techno, with a little bit of spice. With remixes of Umek, Hey Today! And Fukkk Offf, these gentlemen certainly aren’t going unnoticed.

Their latest remix of Mike Mago’s ‘Plant’ is what has really caught my eye. The original track definitely had some interesting elements, but TWR72’s future techno sound only improved on the blueprint.

Keatch, an artist closely tied with Canadian artist Felix Cartal, also grabbed my attention. He gave an incredible dark electro spin that I just didn’t see coming from the track, and Keatch even.

Hope you enjoy these two immensely different tracks as much as I did.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fake Blood – Deep Red Ep Teaser

DEEP RED EP Teaser by Fake Blood

Fake Blood has been an incredibly busy man, from the releases of his “Used” mixtapes, throwing down old school hip hop beats while showing off his skills on the deck, and now this.

I know this is only a teaser of the three tracks, but to me they have that special something. The first track ‘Deep Red’ focuses on more of a classic electro feel that we have come to expect from Fake Blood. ‘Voices’ has an eerie feel to it, the sampling consists of voices that sound like they are straight out of an early 1940 horror film, and the drop… oh the drop. To top it all off ‘Medieval’ focuses it's sound in a playful, almost video game inspired, area.

Be on the lookout for this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TAI’s Autumn Mix


TAI, closely related with Dim Mak, Boys Noize, Bart B More, and so many other huge electro names, released this mix yesterday. There isn’t really too much to say about this one, half these songs are on constant rotation for me, minus the unreleased tracks ofcourse. Electro seems to be having it good this month, bathe in the glory of summer electro while you can.

Winter is coming.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bass EP (Trouble & Bass)

Bart B More recently teamed up with Trouble & Bass, and this is the result, hard hitting electro, with emphasis on the hard. Both these tracks make my loins tingle, reassuring me that electro isn’t dead, it’s alive and well with these producers.

Bart B More - The Bass EP by Trouble & Bass

The release sees two very different sounds. The Bass has a focus on the vocals, reminding the crowd what the track is all about. While, Cry Baby, sees it’s focus on the chopped and skewed sounds we’ve all come to know and love from AC Slater. Over a span of a few months Bart B More has become a producer I highly respect, with this release only strengthening his argument as one of the top electro producers in the game.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introducing SCNTST (BNR)

Since I’ve decided to blog more frequently, I thought where to begin, and the answer fell right into my lap. If you have read any of my blog posts, or know me on a personal level, you would know that my love for Boys Noize is immense. Boysnoize Records, being one of Alex Ridha’s, aka Boys Noize, label’s, released a mix, on Soundcloud, introducing SCNTST to the BNR audience.


Look's like he's 12 doesn't he? Well SCNTST, believe it or not, was born in 1993… really? This kid’s style throughout this mix is unique, ball grabbing at times, while still providing a chilled out vibe. Incredibly, the sound he provides is far more mature then his age, and this guy has a very long career ahead of him if he keeps this up.


July 2011 - Top 10

July came with a handful of surprises with my monthly intake of EDM. Tech house boat cruise (in Hamilton of all places?) to start off the month, a lull in my intake soon ensued, to only pick up after a weekend spent mixing with friends in Wasaga. Summer tracks with pounding electro are throughout this list, and a little tech house sprinkled in to save your ears.

10. Big Bass Drum (Bart B More Remix) – TAI
Speaking of pounding electro… Bart B More had a HUGE month. This remix of TAI’s Big Bass Drum is only the beginning of his presence in this post.

9. Piano Sure is Neat – Candyland
Like the track name implies, the piano sure is neat. Electro house has seemed to be getting more and more generic to me, yet this one goes in hard. The drop from the piano and the occasional woman’s vocal, just YES.

8. Bangtuk (JFK Edit) – Fuser
JFK, from MSTRKRFT and Death From Above 1979, is one of my musical heroes. Whether it be on the synths, bass, or behind the decks, his creativity always shines through. This edit is fueled by hard thumping bass and an overall eerie feel to the whole track.

7. Wipe Out – Marble Players
Another release from Marble Players crept in my rotation, this one from the 5th release on their label, fusing some feel good lyrics with an infectious bass line, and electric guitar to put the cherry on top.

6. X Girl (feat Rye Rye) (Bart B More Main Instrumental) – Teenage Bad Girl
Bart B More does it again, the feign of the drop from gun shells hitting the ground just did it for me on this one. The vocals on this track are nothing special and leave me wanting someone who doesn’t sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing over the track, but other then that, Bart B More kills it.

5. ZHM (Tom Staar Remix) - Mustard Pimp
When ZHM’s preview pack was released on Soundcloud, I was shocked. Mustard Pimp isn’t exactly my forte, but after a couple listens I started to enjoy it. Most of the remixes seemed to underwhelm me, especially Dada Life’s. But when I got to this one I realized the adaptation to tech house was seamless and incredibly interesting, try not to bob your head to this one, I dare you.

4. Everybody in the Place (Bingo Players Bootleg) – The Prodigy
If you’re reading this and you aren’t a fan of The Prodigy, you’re probably in the wrong place. Bingo Players do them justice with a hard electro adaptation while still keeping The Prodigy feel.

3. Overdose – Harry Choo Choo Romero
Anthony Alves, thank you for this one a million times over. A creative electro house track that lives up to the track name. The distortion on this track gives you that umph needed to really get you going. Pretty sad I missed this guy at Footwork in Toronto, but mixing with friends in Wasaga, over that weekend, sure as hell made up for it.

2. Go (LA Riots & Nom De Strip Remix) – Marco Lys
Original mix by Moby (absolutely legendary track in the EDM scene), reworked by Marco Lys, who I’ve come to love due to work with Chris Lake, remixed by LA Riots & Nom De Strip. Need I say more?

1. ZHM (Geht’s Noch? Remix) - Mustard Pimp
Yes, a second remix of ZHM top’s this month’s list. Geht’s Noch?, loosely translates to Are You Crazy?, and man am I ever about this duo. Cheesy, I know, but hey what can I say? After this duo dropped their mix on OMGITM, I was hooked. This track only tightened their hold on me. Canadians needs more OMGITM related artists in their lives, I only dream of a day these guys come over here.

Lastly the mix for the month, and surprise, surprise, it’s from Bart B More.

Bart B More’s “Back In Europe” July 2011 Mixtape – Bart B More

Big thanks to Anthony Alves on this one, again. From intro to conclusion he had me captivated, mixing in summer tunes with heart stopping electro incredibly well, with some small Bart B More touches here and there. Free download, so give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Keep raging,

Oh and be on the lookout for more posts, going to try to start to blog weekly, at the very least.