Friday, August 19, 2011

Mike Mago – Plant Remixes

Mike Mago - Plant (TWR72 remix) by TWR72

Mike Mago - Plant (Keatch remix) by BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Rogerseventytwo is an artist I am starting to very closely watch, thanks to Fools Gold Records. Ever since I discovered that A-Trak opened all his sets with ‘You Take Me Higher’ I have been nothing but impressed. His work with a fellow Dutchman, The Walk, is what has recently really caught my eye, focusing heavily on techno, with a little bit of spice. With remixes of Umek, Hey Today! And Fukkk Offf, these gentlemen certainly aren’t going unnoticed.

Their latest remix of Mike Mago’s ‘Plant’ is what has really caught my eye. The original track definitely had some interesting elements, but TWR72’s future techno sound only improved on the blueprint.

Keatch, an artist closely tied with Canadian artist Felix Cartal, also grabbed my attention. He gave an incredible dark electro spin that I just didn’t see coming from the track, and Keatch even.

Hope you enjoy these two immensely different tracks as much as I did.

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